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When Dr. Sam Goldstein, Ph. D., asked nine year old Michael what makes a good day, Michael said a good day is when bad things don’t happen.  He proceeded to list the bad things!  It’s as if a good day would be a day spent in bed!   Dr. Goldstein talks about what causes people to become “failure avoidant,” to just want to escape.   He has been studying “resiliency,” about what makes some individuals more able to function when faced with adversity, than others.   What factors insulate them, that allow them to beat the odds?  

(If you would like to see Dr. Goldstein’s presentation, it is on January 4th, at the CHADD Adult Group meeting at Calvin College, in the Meeter Center Lecture Hall off of the library lobby, from 7-9 p.m.  There is no cost or pre-registration required to attend. All are welcome.  Membership to CHADD is encouraged but not required.   

 What factors do you believe are most important in promoting or preventing resiliency, and why?   
Genetics/temperament?  Medication?  Beliefs?  Self-Awareness?  Family expectations?  Support?  Therapy?  Insurance coverage?  Early diagnosis?  Verbal skills?  Socio-economic status?  Spiritual faith?  Strengths?  Intelligence?  Social skills?  Education?  Family relationships?  Substance abuse?  Being in a committed relationship?  Stigma due to being treated for a mental disorder?  Peers?  Friendships?  Stable, secure environment?  Understanding of ones disability?   Others’ understanding?         “How do you spell success?!”


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