March 20, 2012 at St. Luke’s

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“From Underachieving to Unstoppable!”

During a Q&A with Ned Hallowell shares his thoughts on how to go from just surviving to thriving in life.

Though Russell Barkley has said that no psychiatric disorder causes more impairment in more life domains, than AD/HD, in this interview, Hallowell shares that there is also no psychiatric disorder in which people experience more success, when treated, than AD/HD! 

On the DVD, the audience asks what he believes helps people go from good to great.  What are the common denominators?  

According to Ned Hallowell…

  • How does someone help their child accept that they have AD/HD  in a way that won’t make them feel defective?

  • Why can it be hard to accept?

  • What are his thoughts on accommodations in college?

  • What are three components of a good job?

  • What are three components of a good marriage?

  • What shouldn’t you do in choosing a career or wife?

  • What is the most powerful tool for growth and life?

  • What is the most important thing he learned in school?

  • What helps someone develop a good work ethic?

  • Do people naturally prefer to avoid work?

  • What is the greatest teaching tool?

  • What does Ned say you should never do alone?

  • What does he feel is the most reliable indicator that someone probably has AD/HD?

  • Is it better to be a slow thinker or a fast thinker?

  • What helps people flourish?

  • How can attending a CHADD support group help?

  • What problems do CHADD chapters often have?

  • What makes good chapters great?

 The DVD is 100 minutes and will be shown in its entirety. 

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