Parent Group

The Parent Group meets on THIRD TUESDAYS, from 7-9 p.m., (except in December, due to the holidays), at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, at the corner of 4 Mile and the E. Beltline.

Click here for directions to 3215 Four Mile Rd. NE, Grand Rapids, MI, 49505.

We meet downstairs, unless CHADD signs are posted to redirect you. If you come in the door with the ramp off the parking lot, the stairs will be on your left and an elevator will be straight ahead. Meetings are free and open to all interested. Membership is not required, but encouraged!  

Hello                                                                                                              5/12/2011     

My name is Joe,

After we found out our son had AD/HD, his mother said she was going to put him on meds. 

My first thought was, “You just want to drug him up so you don’t have to deal with him!”

We used to argue over that all the time.     I was in the dark. 

I didn’t know anything about AD/HD.  I just thought my son was hyper and loud and hard to deal with. 

But since I’ve been coming to CHADD’s “Parent to Parent” class, I’ve been learning a lot about AD/HD and

different parenting strategies.

 Linda has been very helpful in giving me resources to help me better understand and deal with this.